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The Shooting Star Sheep Blog!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Ever since I stared my Shooting Star Sheep flock I have wanted to create a blog. As I do not use social media I though this would be a great way to celebrate my flock. I want to document the noteworthy moments and this is going to be my flock journal or record. So now, 308 days after owning my 'trio' flock I think it is high time I started this blog!

The is the first picture I ever took of my flock. May 28th, 2023 they arrrived in a teal trailer from Oregon

Today, April 1st, 2023

Yesterday was shearing day. The sheared, John Sanchez, arrived and immediately got to work. He skillfully handled our sheep and was clearly and expert shearer. Our three sheep were shorn in 45 minutes and we packed the wool into large trash bags. It was much more wool than I expected, but I look forward to seeing the yarn we get from it. I think we have lots of knitting in our future!

Because it had been over a year since the flock has been shorn, their wool was over 3" in staple length. After their haircut they probably felt way better! I was surprised to see how 'flee bitten(this is not literally flee bights, it is a term used to describe the marking on horses that are really small spots, like freckles)' Axel (our F1 spotted ram). It was beautiful to see all of his spots; he even has spots on his tongue!

The lambs did not need a haircut as they are only about a month old. Thunder (born March 5th, 2023) is getting very large. He is putting on weight by the day and Filbert and Willow are starting to eat solid food. They are just nibbling the flower head and anything they can get their mouth on. They are also very active; the three of them compete daily in running races and jumping stunts. They sometimes think I am Hazel, so follow me, but then realize I'm not and run looking for her. Right after Hazel was shorn it took them a minute to recognized her because she was so much smaller. Ideally I would have shorn 4 to 6 weeks before lambing, but I just ran out of time and the weather was hard with scheduling.

Now, with me new blog I will be able to record some of the events of the flock.

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1 Comment

Jan 30

Nice job! I love seeing pics of the three of them in the back of my trailer. That trailer has gotten a lot of use, and it's cute! Axel, Ingrid, Hazel, Lagertha and Helia look fantastic. If I end up with another stunner like Helia, I will definitely keep her. Lambing starts soon for The Diminutive Farm and I'm excited to see what my flock and Shooting Star sheep produce.

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