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Back at the Blog!

Well first of all apologies for not regularly posting this blog.

I have been super busy with school and extracurriculars on top of managing the flock (and helping out with kidding 18 goats). I am delighted to write now though that with many late nights and early mornings under my belt it was a super successful lambing season and we are now enjoying a beautiful spring! I was away right after lambing finished for two weeks and being in the city made me realize just how special the farm and my flock is.

I took this minute long video on Sunday. I was sitting in the paddock that I had just moved all of the ewes and lambs into. It's a very simple video and may seem boring to some because there is not much excitement, like when the lambs are nursing or crying or playing (I'll try to get a video of that ;), but I just enjoy watching and listening to them (and the birds and poultry nearby) go about their business and I hope you will to!

Anyway, from now on I'll try to be better about posting regularly. Coming soon I'll be posting the 2024 lambing season story which will include some ewe lamb care procedure we do, and I'll also be introducing some of our wool products. Stay tuned for those!

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Happy Spring!

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