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The Story

Deciding what breed of sheep was right for us was a long process. We looked at the sheep breeds in our area, mostly Dorpers and commercial breeds, but what we were looking for was something special. Something unique.

When I came across a post of Harlequins and Babydoll Southdowns for sale I knew they were perfect. The only shock was the price tag on that flock. I went directly to the registry website, and contacted all of the other breeders in California. All only had lambs for sale, wethers, or none at all. I was not prepared to wait two years for lambs of my own.

I ended up finding this perfect trio, and had them trailered down from Oregon. I haven't looked back since. Everything about them is perfect for us. Their size, temperament and characteristics are just what I had always wanted and I look forward to the next generations of Babydoll Harlequin crossed sheep.


Shooting Star Sheep

The Story Continues...

As of May, 2023 we look back on our first year of raising sheep. We are looking to the future of are flock and are excited to continue breeding registered Harlequins as well as to experiment with Finnsheep and Babydoll crossed lambs. To learn what are plans are with our breeding Harlequins and FinnDolls check out our Blog to get details and the latest updates on our flock.

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